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It is only during the 3rd ultrasound scan so at the 33rd week of pregnancy that your doctor is able to precisely determine the measurement of your child. The most commonly used system for this calculation provides an accuracy for standard weight of 90% which fails to 56,6% for extreme weights. In other words, by using the state of the art's methods, nearly half of babies, born over 4.000 g or under 2.500 g can be properly identified before their birth. This impreciseness is a stress factor for the mother, and an additional risk factor for the child.

Small and large foetuses estimation

The new extrapolation model

My Baby Size sources on small and large foetuses research results. From this 15 years of research directed by Jean-Claude Pineau, published on 2012, an original method has emerged for a more accurate estimation of foetal weight at delivery. This method is based on biometric data from second and the third trimester scan.

The method used by My Baby Size, using an algorithm, improves the state of the art methods’ accuracy at delivery by reducing errors in small and large foetuses, and thus can help to prevent adverse events related to small foetal size and birth.

My Baby Size merely offers an estimation tool which is subject to a margin of error and does not replace in any manner the service of a doctor.

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My Baby Size is now free for each pregnant woman on earth. Women have the right to know the size and the weight of her baby at the time of birth. My Baby Size helps a mother to prepare herself for the due date and gives precious information for doctors to optimize the follow up like never before.