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My Baby Size advantages

Change lifes Help to change lifes
Precise estimation tools Most precise estimations ever
Pregnancy risks Help to anticipate pregnancy risks
Newborn supplies Streamlining the newborn supplies
Earliest estimation Earliest on time estimation ever
Birth size estimatin New estimation field: birth size
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My Baby Size estimation performances

Check out My Baby Size's performances on birth weight and size estimations. My Baby Size provides the earliest birth weight/size estimations during pregnancy, combined with the highest accuracy rate ever.

Baby birth weight estimation accuracy

Small baby
Below normal birth weight (< 5.5lb / 2500g)
Low baby birth weight chart
Medium baby
Normal birth weight
Normal baby birth weight chart
Large baby
Above normal birth weight (> 8.8lb / 4000g)
Big baby birth weight chart

Baby birth weight estimation date

Baby weight estimation

Baby birth length estimation date

Baby length estimation